Non-Dimensional Personalities Choose Gothic Hairstyles

Non-Dimensional Personalities Choose Gothic Hairstyles

Hairstyles in the Gothic style – a special kind of hair styling, which has become very popular and in demand in recent years among young people. Despite its popularity, this style in the design of hair is chosen only by individual representatives of informal subcultures.

Recently, some elements of Goth styling are quite often used in some kinds of radical designs of hair. And allow yourself a hairstyle in the Gothic style, or some of its elements can both women and representatives of the stronger sex. Corrugated strands, torn hair ends, separated by shiny wax curls – not a complete list of techniques that are used most often.

This special kind of extreme styling has a lot of various variations: uncommon forms, acid colors and the most intricate textures. The main goal of creating such hairstyles is to inspire the spirit of experienced times. Today there are a large number of trends of Gothic culture, each of which has its own special and unique style of dressing and preferences in hair styling.

The Main Styles


The main goal of the hairstyle is to create a high forehead effect. To do this, the machine shaves a part of the hair on the forehead or a very short bang in the form of torn strands is trimmed. The remaining hair is made into dreadlocks. To give the hair more originality, individual strands are painted in acid colors and woven into dreadlocks. Quite often, young people complement such original hairstyles with unusual accessories.

Uncle Fester

The required length of hair to perform the Uncle Fester hairstyle is up to the middle of the shoulder blades. Using a hair clipper, one temple (left or right) or the forehead is shaved “under zero”. The remaining long curls are combed back or on the side in such a way that the shaved part of the head is as visible as possible.

Pasta Factory Explosion

The minimum set of tools and the complete lack of practice will not prevent the creation of such a hairstyle that looks great on long hair or on hair of medium length. There is no need for special knowledge and skills. All you need is to carefully comb the hair at the roots and fix with hairspray. As a result, easy chaos will turn out on your head. If desired, the hair ends can be pulled out with an iron and neatly laid, or else not left hanging around.

Hairstyles Goth Period

Looks perfect on dark or natural (unpainted) hair. Over the entire length of the hair (or in the form of a circle) with the help of curlers or curling irons, so-called cold waves are made in the form of loose curls. The remaining curls are also curled up or remain straight and pin up to the overall hairstyle. This way of styling hair perfectly demonstrates the free spirit of the Victorian era and at the same time intertwines with the fashion trends of today.


Hairstyle Emilie Autumn – an example to follow. The neat curls of the goth musician and famous performer are Victorian strands in the form of waves, painted in bright red or orange. They gather in bunches above the ears. Another Varain – leave combed curls uncollected. Hairstyles of this type can have a wide variety of shapes. Everything is limited only by your imagination and courage.

Natural Style

Those who prefer the natural style of Gothic hairstyles benefit from the length. When the hair grows to the shoulder blades and more, they are painted black. Wear this hairstyle without additional styling. Hair remains completely loose. To give them a more well-groomed and neat appearance, you can straighten using ironing.

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