Jaime King Hairstyles: Retro Models

Jaime King Hairstyles: Retro Models

In Jaime King modeling career and early film roles, she went by the names Jamie King. But her real name given by her parents was James King. The term James may sound like masculine. This is why her agency changed it to ‘Jaime.’ Jaime King Hairstyles are sassy, subtle and sophisticated. This actress definitely knows how to dress up her mane in order to grab attention.

Jamie appeared in Vogue, Mademoiselle, Harper’s Bazaar and other popular fashion magazines. King left modeling after she switched on to her acting career. Her first endeavor was the big-budget Pearl Harbor in 2001. The success of the movie was followed by another big hit Bulletproof Monk in 2003. Her lead roles began with movies like Sin City in 2005, which is now planning to launch its sequel in 2009.

In 1993, King was only 14 years old while she was attending Nancy Bounds’ Studios, a modeling school. After her fashion show by New York model agent Michael Flutie, she was invited to New York to begin modeling professionally. In the first place, she joined Company Management which already represented the popular model Jaime Rishar. In order to avoid the confusion with Rishar, King opted to go by her childhood nickname, James to which the industry refused.

In her early modeling career, King got instant fame. At 15, she was featured in Vogue, Mademoiselle, Allure, and Seventeen. At 16, she had graced the pages of Glamour and Harper’s Bazaar. She was quite popular for her appearance on the cover of New York Times magazine in 1996. In the same year she walked the runway for Chanel and Christian Dior.

In 1998, King co-hosted MTV’s fashion series ‘House of Style’ with fellow model turned actress Rebecca Romijn. King along with Halle Berry, Julianne Moore, and Eva Mendes was chosen as spokes-models for a high profile ad campaign for Revlon. The advertisements were featured on all types of media platforms across the world. Jaime King Hairstyles became a rage among youngsters and women. Her sense of fashion and style was awe-inspiring. Let’s have a look at some of King’s most gorgeous hairstyles.

Popular Jaime King Hairstyles

Sassy Style

Sexy star Jamie King looked great in her unique haircut at the Weinstein Company Golden Globe after Party. For the style, the Pearl Harbor actress shaped her hair with short layers which were cut around the top portion. The sides were also layered to enhance the waves and added movement around the top section. This hairdo is a great option for those with medium to thick hair types.

Blonde and Wavy

King looks perfect in her long and wavy hair. For this style she adds a touch of the fairytale princess to her look. The length is trimmed keeping below the shoulder level. Her short cropped layers are cut throughout her top portion and the sides to produce a full and round look.

Sophisticated Look

In her sophisticated look, King normally cuts her length to chin level. In this style, the actress trims the layers slightly to create a soft round shape. This hairstyle is a simple and a best option for an evening party. It can also be carried off with ease on most occasions.

Color and Curl

King’s color and curl cut is really attractive and trendy. For this great style, King normally trims her hair long length. A special feature of this style is the subtly angled layers that enhance the bounce and volume of the tresses. This style is one of the best options for those with medium to thick hair types.

Spiraling Down Cut

If you happen to have carefully observed King in Pearl Harbor, you might have seen her beautiful 1940s styles. Everybody loves the sophisticated style blended with curl shapes. For those having medium length hair, this option will work great. The curls in the style are different to normal curly hair and are spiraling down from the mid-lengths to the ends.





Jaime King Hairstyles are trendy, sleek and very chic. If you are looking for some great prom hairstyles, you must keep some of King’s prize hairdos in mind. These styles are easy to maintain and look good for any occasion.

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