How to use a hair straightening comb?

How to use a hair straightening comb?

The age-old problem of girls: leave lush curls or straighten them? Frequent use of the iron is harmful, making the hair dull and lifeless. That is why a new device was invented – a straightening comb. Cleaning with this device has become even faster and more convenient. Read more about such a comb in our article. Look detailed hair straightening brush reviews.

What is this comb?

Externally, the straightener is an ordinary brush for combing, which is used by almost any woman. It works on electricity (equipped with wire) or from a rechargeable battery or batteries. A heating element is built into the device, due to which the effect occurs. The brush has numerous teeth that allow you to comb easily, do not tangle, and heats evenly.

The principle of the device

The principle of operation of the straightener as a whole resembles that of a traditional iron. Due to the hot air, the strands are straightened, due to the smooth movements of the hand – combing. Thus, in one electric appliance, two important functions are combined to create a well-groomed hairstyle.

Advantages and disadvantages

Modern brushes have practically no drawbacks. Most of them are made from quality materials. The only significant disadvantage that users themselves create is the possibility of hair damage due to high temperatures. In this case, it is recommended to read the instructions more carefully and set the heating depending on “preferences”.

Among the advantages of the device are the following:

versatility. The comb is suitable for both straight and curly hair;

  • fast styling. The device heats up to the desired temperature in a matter of minutes, and creating a hairstyle takes from 5 to 20 minutes, depending on the complexity of the original base;
  • compactness. The straightener takes up no more space than an ordinary hairbrush, so it is convenient to take it on trips;
  • use is absolutely safe. The device does not dry out, it brushes well. The ends do not become brittle, and the ionizing effect (this function is present in almost all modern thermo-brushes for hair) favorably affects the shine and thickness;
  • during combing, a head massage takes place. Point pressing of the teeth effectively stimulates the hair follicles.
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