How often to wash your hair: the advice to adopt according to the type of hair!

How often to wash your hair: the advice to adopt according to the type of hair!

Every day, twice a week or as little as possible? How often do you wash your hair? We are faced with a “complex” issue, which is very important to us women, often confused about what to do about it. Below we try to answer this question to help you understand how often you should wash your hair according to the type of hair and other specific factors to show off as clean and healthy as possible.

How often do you have to wash your hair? This is a seemingly simple question, but it can be a real dilemma for us women. That’s right. How many of us, for example, have found ourselves washing our hair every day in order to keep it clean? How many of us – we know you are there! – have organized commitments, outings and personal life in order to ensure that we wash our hair at least every two days? In short, we understand that there is not much clarity on the matter, but don’t worry, we are here to help you discover the most suitable hair care routine for you. First of all, we must say that although there is no specific rule to apply indiscriminately – as different factors come into play on a case-by-case basis – one thing is certain: washing your hair every day is not a recommended practice. In fact, it can contribute to ruining hair, making it dry and tired.

Not only that, by washing your hair too often, you are undressing the skin excessively with your natural oils, which are useful for keeping your hair in good condition. Their complete elimination – which is mistakenly considered a panacea especially in the case of greasy hair to avoid the greasy and oily effect – causes the opposite effect, leading to a reaction to increased sebum production. Remember, however, that even washing hair too rarely can be harmful to the skin and hair. In short, it’s all a matter of balance, and to find it, you need to take into account various factors and then choose the beauty routine that best suits you and your hair. Here is a practical guide to how often you should wash your hair and show off your healthy, shiny hair.

How often do you wash your hair: the guide with the tips on a case by case basis

Having said this, let’s now look specifically at the hair care habits to be adopted in the different cases, first taking into account the type of scalp and then the consistency of the hair, the type of styling and the condition of the hair.

1. How often to wash oily hair
The unpleasant sensation of greasy and oily skin would push you to wash your hair every day: try to resist, because, as already mentioned, a daily wash can paradoxically lead to even dirtier hair. In fact, by eliminating all the fat in the scalp, the sebaceous glands, as a defensive strategy, will produce even more sebum, making the situation worse. Opt instead for a hair wash every other day. Remember to wash them well, rubbing the scalp well and, above all, rinsing them thoroughly. Do not rush, shampoo with care and attention, your hair will gain in brightness and cleanliness.

Which products to choose

Choose a gentle shampoo, suitable for frequent washing. A too aggressive product could lead to a total elimination of natural oils which, as we have seen, is not an advantage, but paradoxically stimulates the production of more sebum. Then use as few products as possible so as not to weigh down the skin: a conditioner to be distributed exclusively on the lengths so that they do not dry out is also sufficient.

2. Dry hair: washing method and frequency
If you have dry, fragile hair, you can easily wash it once a week; dry hair tends to get dirty less easily. If you can’t pull a whole week, add a second wash, but don’t wash twice a week. This way you will preserve your hair, which is already fragile and tends to break.

Which products to choose

Choose a very nourishing and moisturizing product: your skin needs to be nourished in order to mitigate the feeling of dryness. Don’t forget the mask, better if it has restructuring properties – like the organic DIY one we recommend in the video below – and a balm with emollient power for the lengths. Don’t stress your hair too much with the hair dryer: sometimes opt for a healthier natural drying, especially when temperatures allow it.

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