Camping gas stove

Camping gas stove

The types of connection can be of two types:

Powered by cartridges: a gas cartridge is inserted in the base which also acts as a support to power the stove, or the cartridge is connected externally via a tube. These models are appreciated for their small and portable size, easily transportable even in a trekking or mountaineering backpack. Choose your compact camping stove.

Powered by an external cylinder: generally these stoves are larger in size and as such have two or three burners to cook more foods at the same time. The gas cylinder is connected via a hose and, depending on the capacity, has a longer range. Ideal solution for multi-day camping with family or group of friends, where it is possible to reach the parking area by car or camper, as it requires more space than the cartridge solution.

Type of gas

A portable gas stove is usually powered by a mixture of propane and butane gas, or only by one of the two types of gas. But what is the difference between the two gases?

Propane: the boiling temperature is -43 ° C, below this temperature it remains liquid and does not evaporate, losing the ability to turn into fuel.

Butane: the boiling temperature is -0.4 ° C, so below this temperature the butane will make it difficult to evaporate and the flame will go out. On the other hand, butane has a higher calorific value.

Butane therefore fails to burn at low temperatures (below zero), unlike propane which supports very low temperatures. Cartridges and cylinders for camping gas stoves generally use a mixture of the two (butane 80% – propane 20% or 60/40), but in case of temperatures below zero, only the propane part will burn, making of unused butane.

In summary, for camping in a tent by the sea or in any case where temperatures are above zero, all types of gas are fine, with preference for butane which is slightly higher in terms of calorific value. Instead in the mountains for excursions, mountaineering and trekking, or trips by camper in the winter and where temperatures drop below zero, it is inevitable to use propane.

Campingaz 206 Stove

The Campingaz 206 Stove portable camping gas stove is small and compact but with a stable support thanks to the cartridge placed as a base. The burner has a power of 1200 W with the possibility of adjusting the flame. Refills are easy to find and is ideal for trekking or as a mountaineering stove to put in your backpack.

Campingaz Twister Plus

Gas camping stove with a power of 2900 W and also has a practical piezo ignition (piezoelectric). Powerful and small single-flame cooker, fits in one hand, supports cartridges with Easy Clic connection with safety valve (CV 300 Plus or CV 470 Plus) for quick insertion and with the possibility of removing the cartridge after use, at any time, even if it’s not completely empty yet. Weight of 274 g. Excellent product from every point of view considering the cost!

Campingaz base camp

Among the camping stoves we find this ultra-compact model with flame regulator, equipped with 2 very powerful 1,600 W burners. Dimensions: 43 x 24 x 75 cm and weight: 1.4 kg. Comes without lid. Being a two burner stove, it finds more space in campsites for several days or as a camper kitchen for cooking outdoors. Requires external gas cylinder.

Ultralight windproof gas stove

Made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel, as well as ultralight (272 g) and foldable. Adjustable flame with piezoelectric ignition. 3000 w power for fast cooking. Threaded connection, requires screw cylinders. Ideal as a camping gas stove for trekking, mountaineering and tent excursions as it takes up little space in your backpack.

Camping stove kit + pots and pans

Among the various models of camping gas stoves we find this kit complete with folding gas stove and dishes. The package includes non-stick pot, pan, spoon, fork and knife, steel cup and transport bag. A minimal but complete camping kit to put in your backpack for hiking, fishing, picnics in the mountains or at the lake.

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